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Origin - born out of Fortune 500

In the ever-evolving landscape of environmental consciousness, the inception of CarbonSig was sparked by a very specific yet expansive need. A Fortune 500 company, striving to make a significant difference in its environmental impact, sought a way to meticulously calculate its product-level carbon footprint, not just within its operations, but extending across its entire supply chain. It was a tall order, and their extensive search for a solution was met with disappointment as the market offered no such comprehensive tool.

Enter Carbon Finance Labs, an innovation hub known for crafting solutions for intricate challenges in the carbon finance space. Recognizing both the immediate requirement and the potential ripple effect of such a platform across various industries, they embarked on a journey to fill this gap. Their mission was to create a tool that could seamlessly calculate, verify, and attest carbon footprints, ensuring credibility and transparency at every stage.

The outcome of their relentless efforts and expertise was CarbonSig—a state-of-the-art SaaS platform designed to empower companies in gauging and reducing their carbon footprints, fostering an era of genuine, verifiable sustainability. While its inception was to cater to a singular company’s needs, CarbonSig’s vision quickly expanded, aiming to revolutionize the way industries around the world perceive and act upon their environmental responsibilities.

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Make carbon visible 


In a world where sustainability is more than just a buzzword, CarbonSig envisions a future underpinned by “carbon attested value chains.” We believe in a transparent global ecosystem where every product’s carbon footprint isn’t just measured, but attested to and made publicly accessible. This isn’t merely about accountability; it’s about weaving carbon consciousness into the fabric of global trade and consumption.

At the heart of this vision is trust. By championing verified, immutable carbon footprints, CarbonSig seeks to ensure that consumers, businesses, and stakeholders can trace the carbon impact of a product, right back to its origins. This transparency not only allows for informed choices but drives industries towards more sustainable practices, fostering competition in carbon efficiency and not just price or quality.

Furthermore, the “carbon attested value chains” vision underscores the importance of collaboration. It’s a call for businesses, suppliers, and consumers to come together, to challenge and uplift each other in the shared goal of a low-carbon future. By emphasizing attested value chains, CarbonSig aims to create a world where every purchase, be it a service or product, is a vote for sustainability, and where businesses are rewarded not just for their economic value, but for their commitment to a greener planet.

Picture of David Ungar

David Ungar

Special Advisor

David brings 3 decades of experience from Sr. Management rolls in some of the largest energy companies in the world. He has developed projects, sold carbon and lead social and environmental innovations across the globe. He advises and supports global organizations like the UN, WorldBank, UNFCC and others.

Picture of Nick Gogerty

Nick Gogerty


Nick brings 2 decades of experience from applying finance, technology and innovation to complex problems. He has held Sr. Roles in an advanced technology research institute, investment funds and innovative start-ups. In addition he has advised, the G-20, UN and other groups on sustainable finance and innovation. He is the author of the Nature of Value. 

Picture of Dr. Jonathan Hollander

Dr. Jonathan Hollander

Chief Product Officer

I have more than 20 years of experience as a technological innovator and science communicator, working across disciplines from material science to policy to information technology. With an PhD in Materials Science and MPhil in Physics both from Cambridge University and a BS in Materials Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, I keep one toe dipped in academia as a member of faculty of Columbia University lecturing in Sustainability Management. My wife and I work on difficult global challenges to make a better world for our two children.

Picture of Tomas Kubilius

Tomas Kubilius

Communications Director

Tomas brings almost 2 decades of experience of Marketing Communications from different markets – from luxury goods to NGO projects. Over the last decade, his focus has shifted to the nuances of sustainability communication. Blending his love for arts and design with expertise in Marketing Management and Digital Strategy, Tomas stands out with his unique blend of passion and knowledge in the sustainability sector.

Strategic development partners - CarbonMetrix
Picture of Marko Medojevic

Marko Medojevic


A tech-savvy Full-Stack Developer and project technical lead who’s at the helm of the project, with a focus on Spring, Java, and Hibernate and venturing into the realms of JavaScript, TypeScript, and React, all while balancing a love for running, globe-trotting adventures, and quality family time.

Picture of Filip Miletic

Filip Miletic


As a dynamic Business Analyst in the IT world, I’m all about product development and leading teams with analytical finesse during the day, and when the sun sets, I’m a culinary artist, brewing and baking up flavours, all while balancing my passion for fitness – because, for me, challenges are not just data-driven, but also delicious!

Picture of Ivana Medojevic

Ivana Medojevic

Business Analyst

As a Business Analyst, I thrive on dissecting data and optimizing systems for our IT company, and off-duty, I’m a tech-savvy multitasking mom who values freedom and adventure.

Picture of Aleksandar Djordjevic

Aleksandar Djordjevic

Full-Stack Developer

A friendly full-stack developer who can turn code into digital wizardry by day, and when the sun sets, you’ll find me conquering mountain trails, dominating board games, and uniting teams over beer and barbecue!

Picture of Srdjan Popovic

Srdjan Popovic

Full-Stack Developer

A full stack developer who finds joy in staying fit, conquering video game quests, and cherishing quality time with friends, because these three pillars are what make my world spin with happiness and fulfilment.

Picture of Vlada Malisic

Vlada Malisic

Lead Front-End Developer

As the Front-End Lead in our IT company, I’m not just the expert in crafting cutting-edge web applications with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and the latest frameworks like React, but also the team player who relishes staying ahead of industry trends, sharing knowledge, and, when I’m not coding, scoring victories in the world of sports!

Picture of Nemanja Pesic

Nemanja Pesic

Front-End Web Developer

The Frontend Web Developer’s insatiable thirst for knowledge and skill improvement has been an unwavering driving force. 

Yet, a daring vision now haunts their thoughts – a vision where ChatGPT ascends to their role, paving the way for an exhilarating retirement amidst the serene countryside, where they shall nurture and tend to a thriving chicken paradise.


Picture of Petar Markovic

Petar Markovic

Head of QA

Ensuring our products meet the highest standards, while always hunting for the perfect cup of coffee.


Picture of Milan Pencic

Milan Pencic


As a QA tester, I ensure our software runs seamlessly. Just like in ping pong, I return those bugs with swift precision!


Picture of Aleksandar Gajic

Aleksandar Gajic


As a QA professional in the IT realm, I thrive on building trust in software by guaranteeing it’s as bug-free, reliable, and high-quality as a perfectly groomed ski slope, because in life, I love to test the limits of everything around us.


Picture of Neda Milosavljevic

Neda Milosavljevic

UI/UX Designer

A UI/UX wizard driven by creativity and innovation, and when I’m not crafting beautiful user experiences, you’ll find me embracing the enchantment of winter, whether it’s chasing snow, skiing down slopes, exploring new destinations, or getting a workout at the gym – all while sharing my love with my feline friends.


Picture of Pavle Rakocevic

Pavle Rakocevic

System Engineer

A System Engineer, expertly managing the tech infrastructure, and when I’m not in the command center, you’ll find me mastering Krav Maga, carving up slopes, and giving the tech world a gentle nudge with my favourite question: ‘Did you reboot your computer?'”



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