Product level CO2e

gathered, modelled, verified & attested.

CarbonSig: Your comprehensive solution for product level carbon accounting.

Seamlessly account, verify, register, and attest to your products level embodied carbon with precision and confidence and become part of carbon attested value chain.

It’s not about catching up,
It’s about staying one step ahead


carbon accounting


Regulatory Compliance Stakeholder Engagement Reputation Management


carbon accounting

Advanced Reporting:

Regulatory compliance
Stakeholder and market engagement
Reputation management
3rd party verified product attestation


Improved transparency and credibility See detailed insights Show competitive advantage Supply chain optimization Informed marketing Risk management Innovation and more
Outpace your competitors,
not just your sustainability goals

Why CarbonSig

Accelerate Growth

CarbonSig sopports any product or sertvice carbon accounting. By getting compliant faster you can close deals sooner.

Build Trust

CarbonSig helps you improve and prove your carbon statements so you can win more deals accelerating sales and fostering stronger connections.

Mitigate Risk

CarbonSig goes beyond “check the box” solutions ensuring compliance and safeguarding against ‘greenwashing’ acusations.

Streamline Strategy

CarbonSig unlocks comprehensive carbon insights to craft sustainability strategies based on verified data.

Any product. Any supply chain.
Start your attested product level carbon journey
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Show your products defensible carbon story

Digital mapping of processes products and upstream/downstream supply chains in the CarbonSig platform offers multiple benefits including enhanced data accuracy comprehensive understanding of emissions streamlined decision-making improved supply chain management simplified reporting and compliance increased transparency and credibility and fostering collaboration and innovation.

GreenCircle certified

CarbonSig – Product Carbon Accounting System and Registry powering carbon attested value chains, has achieves GreenCircle Certification following a thorough audit by GreenCircle, a third-party certifier of environmental claims. This audit verified the consistent use of those procedures and methodologies to produce product-level emissions attestations. The system-level architecture has utilized standard procedures and methodologies which meet the relevant life cycle assessment and carbon accounting industry standards, leading to CarbonSig being awarded GreenCircle certification.
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