See the carbon footprint of
your favorite cookie with smart
attestation certificates.

Your customers, industrial
buyers and governments will be
asking for CO2e product data.

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Smart attestation certificates follow
a “cookie crumb trail” to show
any upstream products’

Carbon footprint

Ownership information

Supply chains

3rd party audits

Environmental certificates

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Has every input
process mapped.

Powering carbon-attested value chains

Product level Carbon Smart Attestations

Smart attestation

to stay in compliance, innovate and lead in sustainability

  • Shows product level carbon footprint and supporting evidence
  • Works with any product or service and its associated supply chain
  • Trusted public and secure records
  • Supports reducing net declared carbon footprint with carbon credits

Communicate your products' carbon story transparently

Software as a service

& public attestation registry powering smart attestation certificates

  • Gather vendor* and/or reference data
  • Model carbon flow through business processes
  • Validate claims with 3rd parties
  • Create product CO2e digital twin
  • Publish smart attestation certificate
  • Transfer attested claims on registry
  • *Request For Information module for data gathering & viral customer acquisition

Learn how to make carbon smart goods and services

Map & reduce emissions

see carbon across any number of value chain interactions

Send attested claims to your customers and receive them from your suppliers – visualizing the movement of carbon through a supply chain from raw materials to finished goods.

Manage carbon risks in your supply chain and pursue new markets

SIG seeds program

Program for innovative startups

Start selling the quantified carbon value of your product instead of unverified “green” statements

Free Access to Carbonsig Platform
Gain exclusive access to the Carbonsig platform a powerful tool for tracking and attesting the embodied carbon in your low carbon products and services. This enables you to showcase your commitment to sustainability and transparency.

Start Selling Carbon Savings
With CarbonSIG you can quantify and communicate the carbon savings achieved through your products and services. This empowers you to differentiate yourself in the market by offering a compelling value proposition to environmentally conscious customers. Your customers can use your CarbonSig attestation to model their carbon using CarbonSig for free.

Enhanced Product Offering
The ability to add carbon credits to your products gives you the opportunity to create reduced zero or even negative carbon declared products. This not only demonstrates your commitment to sustainability but also provides a competitive edge in a world increasingly focused on carbon footprint reduction.

Increased Market Opportunities
Being part of the SigSeeds program and utilizing Carbonsig can open doors to new market opportunities. Customers investors and partners who prioritize sustainability and carbon reduction are more likely to engage with startups that demonstrate their carbon tracking and attesting capabilities.

Support and Collaboration
SigSeeds fosters a community of like-minded startups providing opportunities for collaboration knowledge sharing and collective problem-solving. By joining you gain access to a network of sustainability-focused entrepreneurs and experts who can provide valuable guidance and support.

Amplified Brand Reputation
By joining SigSeeds and leveraging Carbonsig you can enhance your brand reputation as a responsible and forward-thinking startup. Demonstrating your commitment to measuring and reducing carbon emissions can earn the trust and loyalty of environmentally-conscious consumers.

Let’s get started
If you are a startup making a positive environmental impact apply for the SigSeeds program and gain free access to the Carbonsig platform for 3 years. Contact Carbonsig today to start your journey towards a more sustainable future.

Contact Carbonsig at [email protected] to apply for the SigSeeds program and embark on your sustainable journey today.

For more information about CarbonSIG download brochure matching your industry


Digital blending platform for SAF*
*-Sustainable aviation fuel


For cement industry and linked construction sectors.


Go beyond colors and use embodied CO2e numbers for premium hydrogen products regulatory claims and better process modeling.


Declare carbon for cbam’s buy clean procurement and premium customers.


Product level carbon smart attestations from crude oil to biofuels.


For polyvinyl chloride and other synthetic polymer industries.


Create carbon smart services attestation which can be assigned and transferred to cargo owners from full cargo manifest down to the single TEU.


From farm plot across supply chain to point of sale. Food to fashion attestations open possibilities for consumer engagement. Cotton example shown.


If you can’t find a CarbonSig presentation for your industry request a presentation of our software. Emissions are opportunities to do better.

News from CarbonSig

SIGseeds - Quantify Carbon Value and Outshine the “Green” Hype

Greenwashing - the buzzword that has sadly become synonymous with empty unverified “green” statements. What if we told you there’s a way to genuinely differentiate yourself in the sustainability market boost your brand reputation and give your products a competitive edge? 

Welcome to SIGseeds – an empowering program for forward-thinking startups that are eager to make a quantifiable environmental impact. We provide free access to the powerful Carbonsig platform for 3 years enabling startups to rigorously track attest and communicate the embodied carbon in their offerings.

June 27, 2023 | link

CarbonSig - Member of IETA thru Carbon Finance Labs (CFL)

As a leading global organization promoting market-based solutions to address climate change, IETA is committed to working with businesses and governments to achieve a low-carbon future. Our membership in IETA is a testament to our commitment to promoting transparency and accuracy in carbon accounting, and to helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint. We look forward to collaborating with other IETA members to advance the development of carbon markets and create a more sustainable future for all.

March 22, 2023 | link

CarbonSig showcased its collaboration with Oxy Chemicals at CERAWeek 2023

CarbonSig attended CERAWeek 2023. At the event CarbonSig showcased its collaboration with Oxy Chemicals which has successfully implemented CarbonSig’s digital twin technology to track and attest the carbon footprint of all of its products across its 23 North American sites.

With CarbonSig’s technology Oxy Chemicals has been able to digitally replicate its manufacturing processes and products enabling the company to monitor and manage its carbon emissions in real-time. This has allowed Oxy Chemicals to better understand and optimize its operations leading to a reduction in its overall carbon footprint.

“We are thrilled to be presenting our work with Oxy Chemicals at CERAWeek,” said CarbonSig CEO Nick Gogerty. “Our partnership with Oxy Chemicals showcases the transformative potential of carbon-attested value chains in reducing carbon emissions and improving sustainability across industries.”

CarbonSig’s presentation at CERAWeek demonstrated the effectiveness of its technology and how it can be applied to other industries. It allows companies to better understand and optimize their operations leading to a reduction in their overall carbon footprint. With CarbonSig companies can attest to the carbon footprint of their products and processes ensuring a sustainable and environmentally conscious attested supply chain.

April 15, 2023 | link